How to Hunt Yellow Root by Steven


   I am looking for a little spending money i need to know how to hunt yellow root. Here are the steps Ihave been told.

  2. Find some some shaded woods on a hill
  3. Look on the ground for spots that do not have a lot of briars and brush.
  4. Look for a patch of at least twenty. at $ 30 per pound you are digging nickels.
  5. look for plants that have five lobes.they have a tooth edge.
  6. they are as tall as to feet
  7. they are too small if less a foot tall
  8. to dig get hand mattock and dig 3 or 4 inches under.
  9. grab the root and twist it off the stem.
  10. Put the roots in a paper bag. Save the leaves and put them in a bag.
  11. When thr roots are home rinse the dirt off and then put the roots in a good place to dry. Spread them out so they will not mold.
  12. Bring to buyer in late fall. collect your $$$.

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